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Event Photography Tips and Challenges.

When photographing events, particularly public events, you generally have no control over your environment. You have to deal with bad and changing light, schedules and itineraries are a moving target and the event organisers have no idea how minor changes can have huge implications for photographers.

The image below was take at a recent public street music festival. The light was very low level LED Lighting which was constantly changing in intensity and colour. The violinist was right at the side of the stage and only lit infrequently.

Tasmanian Dust Devils, Party in Pink
Tasmanian Dust Devils, Party in Pink

After moving five or six times, I finally found a spot where I thought I might be able to get a shot. I then spent several minutes figuring out what camera settings would work and then after taking shots for another ten minutes I finally got a few images that I was happy with.

If you want to get that difficult shot you have to;

– Be patient and spend time figuring out which is the best angle to shoot from taking the available light into account.

– Know your camera settings inside out, so you can get the most out of your equipment. (RTFM, Read The Fecking Manual)

– Don’t expect to get the shot straight away. It will often take several minutes, but sometimes a lot longer, before the right opportunity presents itself.

Editing Photographs

Gorey Market House Festival (Street Portrait)
Gorey Market House Festival (Street Portrait)
Gorey Market House Festival (Street Portrait)
Gorey Market House Festival (Street Portrait)

When the subject of editing photographs is brought up there is always a huge debate, with the purists on one hand saying that the images should be left exactly as they come out of the camera and the other side saying that photography is art and all manipulation is fair game.

I believe you should stay true to the original, but having said that, I don’t have a problem with adjusting the levels, saturation and cropping an image. I don’t agree with using tools to make somebody’s nose smaller or materially altering the image.

Below are two images. The first is my final edited image and the second is the original image straight out of the camera. Basically I desaturated the image, darkened the background slightly and cropped it to take out his arm which I felt was a distracting foreground element.

What do people think? Yes, No, Maybe??